Wednesday, 1 February 2012

For Marie

Marie in my spare time I trawl the auction house websites to see the treasures I could buy if I had the money to fritter. I saw this and thought of you after we had the conversation last week about Japanese screens. I could quite imagine your 'Valentine' design on one of the panels!

Isn't it gorgeous? The auction is today so tomorrow I'll be able to look and see what it fetched! I'll let you know. Linda - PS If you don't use that Valentine design in a quilt or a screen I think it'd make a great tattoo!


  1. I want want want that screen. That apart - perhaps we should all have Maries valentine birds tatooed in a private spot as a token of our group membership and this exhibition?? (ps - I faint at the thought of needles)
    Linda - spare time ???????

  2. Hilary, you could have it done really small, but perhaps not knowing quite how the exhibition will turn out we ought to go for something less permanent? - I've got a Sharpie!

  3. Linda,

    It's gorgeous, maybe I'll make a small screen for my fact, you have done it again, I can feel the urge to run off into my cold studio and start work!I might stop off at the lounge to see if Martin could see his way to doing the carpentry bit!


  4. I just checked and the screen sold for £620 plus the buyers commission. I've got an Edwardian screen which has been hiding away in the garage loft in this house for over 20 years and some other hiding place in a previous house for about 10 more - might be time to strip it down and recover the frame don't you think? Linda