Sunday, 12 February 2012

It's finished!

Hi everyone,

I'd vowed not to blog again here until someone else did to avoid it looking like a takeover, but where are you all? Obviously having far too much fun!

The painting is finished and here it is:

A Bird in the Hand
 And a detail:
Really enjoyed the process of painting and I've been mulling over some ideas for the next one. I'm aware though that I also need to crack on with some quilts. The deadline for EAQ VII is March and I don't think there's any way I can get something finished in time. I had planned to try for that exhibition this year and the deadline has snuck up on me again. No excuse really as I've had the posted pinned to my workroom wall since last August.

Edwina's already made a start on her entry for Festival and knowing she's the queen of the last minute that makes me think I haven't got much time on that either. After not entering there for a while I'd though it would be nice to join in again. After all, if we don't all enter there won't be so many quilts on display which'd be a real shame. Pity quilts take so much longer than paintings!

Hope you're all being creative.
Talk soon,


  1. Stunning, love this painting

  2. Wow, looks great Laura. I really like your darks (blue?) I'm here, but like you am a bit worried about posting too often; I have lots to say and don't always shut up when I should!!

    I have been drawing little huts and odd shaped trees, and thinking about long stretched you do!

    Thanks for sharing the step by step processes on this painting - it's been great to follow.

  3. Hi Annabel, So pleased you like the painting. The dark bits are a really really dark blue, phthalo mixed with black which gives a lovely, very dark teal tinged blue-black. I will try to photograph it properly but it's not easy when the surface is a bit shiny. Quite fancy developing this into a quilt on a larger scale, not sure how yet, but I might be able to use some digital print.

    Your drawing sounds fun - love to see what you're doing. I reckon we should make a decision to post whenever we fancy, the others will just have to shout over the top of us!

    Bye for now,

  4. Ok!! Shout away everyone :)

    Love to see a close up if you can at some point.

    I'm planning another piece at the moment, and wonder if you'd be able to do a spot of printing for me on cotton poplin or similar? (About 50 x 35" approx and down one part of it only? It would be pages from an altered book but will then be over painted slightly)

  5. Hi Annabel, Would love to do some printing for you. Would it be helpful if I sent you some samples? I've got cotton poplin which is lovely. I'll pop some in the post so you can feel the quality!! The size you mention is no problem at all.

  6. Brilliant thanks Laura. I'm sure the cotton poplin would be lovely - don't need samples as I'm happy that the quality and suitability will be absolutely fine! Do you need a particular resolution of photo/scan?

  7. Hi Annabel,

    It's best to print from images that are 300dpi at the size you want to print saved as .Tiff (or .jpg is OK too). That might mean the file is a bit on the large size to email, but you can send it to me using Dropbox or You Send It (I can email you links) or stick it on a CD and post it to me. We've been experimenting though and it seems to be perfectly possible to enlarge an image beyond it's original size and still get excellent print quality so if it needs to be scaled up a bit I think it'll be fine. If you send me your image what I can do is print a test strip at full size to see how it looks and if it's OK go ahead with the whole piece. Drop me an email if you need help with your image. I've been using photos or scans with equal success. If the image needs 'cleaning up' we can do that for you too.

    Have I even told you the price? Cotton poplin printed and ready to go (steamed, washed and pressed) is £45 per metre (with discounts for more metres in the same job, doesn't have to be the same images). The poplin is 147cm wide (printable area a bit less - I've been knocking off 3cm each side as a rough guide, but we can sneak a bit more if need be). Obviously if your image will fit on sideways that'll be more economical. 50" is about 120-ish cm so it'll easily fit on sideways meaning you'd only need 1 metre max. I can charge you for a percentage of a metre, or you can fill up the rest of the piece with other images for another project. Postage is just charged at cost based on the weight.

    Hope that all makes sense. Just yell if there's anything you're not sure of.

    Talk to you soon!

  8. Annabel,
    You will love the poplin, gorgeous quality and shows the print off so well.


  9. Excellent, thank you Marie - that was said with feeling :)Hope you're feeling better btw (I dot a stinking cold at d'moment too so sympathize)

    Crikey Laura, I may need to go and lie down whilst I digest that lot!! It all sounds fab thank you. I shall go and check out the images and get back to you; maybe by disc, although it has to be said that crispy clear is not what I'm after as I want a slightly blurry background for another Life piece, so I'm sure it'll be fine. The price is absolutely fine too though with a bit of thought it might be something I can turn around and do sideways. Need to plan...will get back to you! xx

  10. Beautiful painting. I like the large scale.
    The printing sounds very exciting.