Tuesday, 14 February 2012

cherry blossoms and lions

Hi all,
Not sure I can shout anyone down with this but on the continuing topic of "not really relevant" here's what I've been up to!
It's been feeling an awful lot like spring here this past week, which is glorious! We have had a very civilized ( so far) winter here at this end if Canada and my thoughts are on cherry blossoms. Prodded there by the arrival of the Call for Entry for Cherry Blossom: a Textile Translation show which happens every spring.

The quilt is about 37 inches wide by 45 inches long ( and for some reason is sideways in the image- sorry ) so those blossoms are big! I know they look a bit weird right now but they only have their “base coat” of paint on. It's not looking like much yet, but I have great plans!

I did make a wonderful find this weekend! with a very oriental theme. I have been looking for some "interesting" chairs and these are what I found.

There are two of them and they aren't a pair but apparently they are the mans (which is a bit larger and the one in the image above) and the woman's chairs. They need some serious clean-up and maybe a bit of glue but I fell in love with them. There is some carving on the backs which I am slowly unearthing....

Not quite sure what this little creature is meant to be ( a lion maybe?) but he/she might make an appearance in Orientation?

Bye for now, Catherine


  1. Hi Catherine,

    The chairs look interesting. You probably shouldn't clean them too much, it might spoil the patina! That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Love the chairs - where did you find them?

  3. Yes, he does look like a little lion; very lucky find as he's just the job for an Orientation theme!

  4. Great chair, very unusual. Love the curly bits on the back.

  5. Hi Catherine - lovely to hear that the cherry blossom is out somewhere in the world. And I too love those chairs. What wood are they made of? I know it is complete sacrilege - but if they are made of oak or a another similar hard wood - I would be so tempted to lime them after you have cleaned them all up, to show off all that carving. I do appreciate this is not remotely in keeping with either style or age of chairs - but I still couldn't resist I know - I can already hear the cries of philistine. Reminds me a bit of an exhibition I was at recently, where I was talking to the maker of a quite beautiful handstitched wholecloth quilt - white on white, and exquisite. I had to tell her that although I loved it as is, I would just have to paint over the whole cloth to bring up that texture. All in all she took it very well, but I don't think she will be giving me any of her quilts! - Hilary x