Monday, 20 February 2012

Chinese themed still life.

Having watched DMTV's episode on drawing a still life (excellent btw!!) I thought I'd set up something using the little teapot my daughter gave me for Christmas.

I don't have a lot in the house that has an oriental theme so was a bit stuck but decided a few Chinese Lanterns were appropriate. Thought I'd go for Stephs minimalism, and lose one or the other, but couldn't decide which and will see what they look like when I've drawn them.

I'll let you know how I get on!


  1. Hi Annabel,
    Love that teapot and the colour of the lanterns! When we started this exhibition theme I'd thought that I might make something with the title 'For All the Tea in China'. No sign of that happening, but it could be a good name for yours instead!

    By the way, your fabric is on its way. I've sent it Special Delivery so it should be with you in the morning. Hope you like it!!


  2. I spent last evening in front of the iPlayer (Midwives!) and fiddled about with pen and ink drawing the teapot onto a page I'd previously prepared with printed poetry and gesso. (it was for "something" but I've long ago forgotten what!) I stamped the words "china tea" on the page, so when I read your comment, we seemed to be slightly in tune. I remember you talking about "For All the Tea in China" at the beginning of the blog so perhaps some subconscious filching of your idea was going on! However, it is your idea and you should keep it as you don't know what it might develop into at some future point.

    I think I decided to do the teapot as I felt a need to splash some paint around having spent nearly a fortnight doing curved piecing and odd shapes over papers. I like the colours of green and orange though, so may turn it into something - I might just put it in the bin if it ends up as hideous!!

  3. Oh, and thank you so much for doing the printed fabric so quickly. I'll let you know that it's arrived safely. How exciting!

  4. Minimal Steph would just draw the, it's lovely, lots of potential with those objects Annabel.

  5. Well, that didn't go especially well, so I went and bought a pair of shoes instead!

    The material has arrived safe and sound, thank you Laura!! It's brilliant - just the job. The colours are really impressive and the detail is amazing. Brilliant - now I just a naked man!

  6. Phew! Glad you liked the fabric. I thought the page with the tags turned out particularly well!

  7. It did indeed. It's exactly the same! It must be a journey into the unknown printing strange things for people you don't know and who give you odd instructions, but it was spot on x