Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jamie Oliver's teapot.

I went to Jamie Oliver's for lunch today and ordered a cup of tea with my lunch.  Look at the teapot it arrived in!

Is it sad to take photos of what you're eating and drinking??  I'm not sure, but it was such a lovely oriental cast iron teapot that I couldn't resist; it made fabulous tea as well and had one of those built in strainer things so you didn't get a mouthful of tea leaves.

I asked if they were available to buy and the waitress went and asked for me.  She said that they weren't but were available from IKEA! Who'd have thought?

This is a preliminary sketch done in pen and ink of my still life from the other day.  I haven't got around to doing much apart from this and the sketchbook page (below) but  will do the Chinese Lanterns next I think.


  1. Hi Annabel,
    What a gorgeous drawing, do you give lessons! It is so sensitive and the sketchbook page is delicious. Now we all Google Ikea!

  2. Isn't google wonderful? I'm going to investigate the teapot myself this afternoon. If they still do them I'll pop over to Coventry and buy one. Thanks for your lovely comment about the drawing Marie - I haven't done any pen and ink for ages and found it very relaxing just watching TV and fiddling around with it. Lots of things I'm not happy with but then I never am - I don't think I've ever made anything where I've said, yes, I'm happy with that. Is everybody else like that too?

  3. Just thought I'd update to say that I checked out Ikea and couldn't find the teapot....probably an old design. If anyone sees one on their travels, please let me know!!