Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lace and brocade

After taking in the lace exhibition at Birmingham Art Gallery, so not what I expected, and truly wonderful, I went for a browse around the rag market and look what I found! Small scale brocade, it had to come home with Japanese is this! Fans and cherry blossom. Of course, any fabric I use in exhibition pieces will be my own, this gives a taste of the richness of the east.


  1. What gorgeous colours - I love that rich, warm, orange. I'm off to the museum next week (after the half term crowds have subsided: I'm still wary of getting my toe stepped on) and you've inspired me to check out the rag market - haven't been for yonks!

  2. Annabel, make sure you go on Tuesday, it's not on all week. I was frankly amazed by it, having moved down to Hereford from Staffordshire I've really missed the excellent markets I used to have available. I was originally brought up in Brum.The old town has changed a bit!

    The chicken is a gift for Dawn who was a founder member of SiX, we keep in regular touch and she is besotted by her chucks, the egg cosies are for her charity.


  3. I haven't been to Brum for a little while - it changes all the time doesn't it? I used to go more often - I loved the fruit and veg market - but they put the train fare up to £10 return and it didn't seem worth it any more. I'm also not keen on crowds and found the new shopping centre too busy! Dawn will love her knitted chicken - lucky lady!!