Monday, 13 February 2012

Another step in another direction

This is just me thinking out loud again!  I've been drawing little houses and wobbly trees trying to get a Japanese feel.  I've got an image of a lacquer box which was taken at one of the National Trust properties, and have used it as a design source for my sketches.

I think, if I use this idea, there might be 3 smallish pieces framed together using a black background, some home dyed fabrics from my stash in one of the shades below, and some gold leaf. The stitching will be simple but dense as is usual for me, with a bit of painting to add definition.


  1. yay! Gold leaf! I see you are using the real stuff...22kt at least. It's amazing how fragile it looks laying there on the rouge paper - and yet, you can machine-wash and dry it once it's adhered and it still looks beautiful.

    This will be an interesting piece - looking forward to seeing the progress.

    This is one of the best blogspots ever. You all are amazing with your insight, inspiration and skills.

  2. Hello Scooter - never tried washing the gold leaf before but good to know it survives such harsh treatment. I haven't worked out where I'm going with this one yet; it's just an idea at the moment, but I enjoyed drawing the little houses. The price of gold has rocketed recently and so I may have to think carefully before getting too carried away with the gold leaf!

    Thank you for tuning in and I'm sure we'd all agree that it's great to have such positive comments!!

  3. Beautiful and atmospheric group of materials and colours.