Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sushi inspiration

I love food! So what could be more fun than using a style of food relating to the orient. Sushi is so beautifully presented that I thought this would make a good starting point for at least one piece of work for our exhibition.
From my photographs I worked into my sketchbook emphasising the spiral construction of the sushi.
My next step was to load a chisel nibbed pen and needle nosed bottle with black dye and set to work drawing on some lengths of white cotton fabric.

 The lengths of fabric are still rolled up in the utility waiting to be rinsed. Once they are rinsed and pressed I will pin them up and stare at them for a while before deciding my next step.
The pojagi that I posted about before Christmas is progressing very slowly as I'm finding it difficult to hand stitch the dark blue fabric with dark blue thread in the evening - roll on the lighter evenings!


  1. Hi Edwina,

    This all looks fab, can't wait to see where you take them next!


  2. Genius - inspiration you can eat!! What a fabulous idea; I love the swirling circles and the hints of background squares/blocks.

  3. Hi Edwina,
    Isn't it amazing where inspiration comes from, this is so original.