Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Progressing pots

Sorry to have been quiet for so long (although those who know me, might well feel that is no bad thing). What is so good about this blog though, is that because there are several of us contributing, there is always someone busy and blogging. I have been enjoying following what the rest of the group is up to, and am having to gag myself to prevent me talking to Laura about that gorgeous printing beastie she has got.... I know that as soon as I understand it's (and her) capabilities, I shall be assaulted with ideas and inspiration, which will take many years, I suspect, to realise. And I haven't got a few years spare right now - definitely not! I haven't been idle - just had to do some work for other things. But I thought it was time I gave you all an update on poor old Oriental Pot 2 - who has been very gracious about being left hanging on the design wall, with no attention for a few weeks. I think when I last blogged, I had a first layout of the background, and a smallish blue pot - which will be receiving a bonsai tree, and definitely needed some help to compete with a typically busy background. Here he is ...

Definitley overwhelmed poor soul. So first of all I have added some lighter strips and am trying a couple of different fabrics to sit behind the pot ... pink ....

and blue ... which I like best. I know the bonsai will also suffer a little from the same problem, so I am planning to put a sort of moonish type of series of circles, behind where the tree will sit. I do not want this to be too dominant in itself, as I want the tree and pot to be my focal points, but I definitlely want it lighter and shimmering. I've decided to paint some bondaweb with pearlescent white paint - a bit watered down. I've then lightly foiled the resultant web with silver and oil on water foils. I've then traced and cut out the circles and placed them on the background ...

The outer ring - still with backing paper attached - it won't be as light as this ....

and the inner rings .... I think this might work ... fingers crossed ....

OK - not bad ... but not quite as shimmery as I wanted - the paint on the bondaweb has caused the foiling to be really subtle - this needs more bling .... so I decide to machine quilt the rings with silver thread and a very close stitch

closer up - just still too much white ....

You can see the stitching better from the reverse. The rings are in metallic silver and all the rest in two shades of shiny rayon - both greenish

And here it is from the front - hard to show the subtlety of the shimmering rings - but I think it is there ... you will have to come to the exhibition and judge for yourselves! All ready for the Bonsai now - which I have made a start on. I have a couple of other bits to do frst - but hope to be posting again soon - Hilary x


  1. Hi Hilary,

    You handle all those patterned fabrics so well. Even though they're different, the similar scale of them makes sure they all sit well together doesn't it? Will the patterned blue pot come back or have you decided against it?

    Your sketchbook work would look amazing printed to fabric but I promise not to distract you with such thoughts, well not just yet anyway!

  2. Hi Laura - playing with patterned fabrics and juggling them to get a workable result is rapidly becoming my favourite pastime I think! I find it incredibly relaxing and very rewarding to puzzle it out .... my version of a crossword perhaps. Simliar scale does help here, as does a common feel to the fabrics .... I have to admit I had a head start with these, as most of them came from a big fabric sample book of furnishing fabrics ... so they were bound to have a common design theme. I buy these on e-bay, and they are truly wonderful for collage, although I don't really want anyone else getting keen, as it will be competition in the bidding! At the weekend, I managed to get a selection of Designers guild samples, which will be ultra bright and bold. Probably not going to appear in an Orientation piece, but I won't be able to resist using them for something very soon. The blue pot is coming back, he was just sidelined whilst I (to quote yourself) quilted it to death! - which I also like to do, although sadly not as beautifully as you do, but I tell myself that is my mark!

    I love the look of your altered skirt,and I also wanted to talk to you about your first swallow piece 'Two for Joy'. It really hit a personal note for me (despite all my rude commnets!) and I wondered whether it is for sale? Good luck with getting all those pieces of birds and cages together - you could try mistyfuse, which is so lightweight as to be virtually not there, although I find it very hard to keep control of. I am amazed to realise there are people out there who don't have huge rolls of bondaweb in their studios! - I can't imagine life without it - Hilary x

  3. I don't know, you turn away for 5 minutes, and when you come back the blog is chokka with wonderful postings! I love seeing the back of your piece(s) and all the stitching you do. I think the way you've bought everything into harmony is just perfect!

  4. Oh dear Hilary!! I think the price on ebay just tripled. You should have kept that to yourself - now we'll all be on there!

  5. I know! - I did wonder about that Linda .... we need a secret code so that we know if we are all bidding against each other! Do be warned that they are very addictive and beguiling things, sample books .. they add a whole new dimension to your stash x

  6. Hi Hilary,

    Oh I'm afraid that the Two for Joy piece already sold. Isn't that just the way, you make a quilt and could sell it twice and then make another and nobody ever wants it! That one was the first in what I think will be a bit of a series, but there's nothing else finished yet. If any turn out OK I'll let you have first dibs, no obligation!

    Thanks for the tip with the Mistyfuse. I'll see what I can get hold of most easily. I almost bought a roll of Bondaweb on the rag market but I fell over at the price. Somehow a metre here or there isn't so painful!


  7. A little late to the party here, but I love this piece, Hilary. Even the back is gorgeous. Well done!!