Tuesday, 31 January 2012

On your toes!

Sorry Annabel, but I saw this and thought of you...

Mom and I escaped for a couple of hours this afternoon and whizzed over to Birmingham Art Gallery to see the Lost in Lace exhibition and also the Leonardo drawings. They allow photography of both so long as the flash isn't on! Afterwards I nipped into the PreRaphaelite rooms to look at one of my favourites.
Medea (detail), Frederick Sandys (1866-68)
I noticed for the first time what an oriental feel this painting has, knowing now of course, that the phrase 'oriental' can encompass Egypt too which seems to account for some of the symbolism, but apparently it also references Medea's past life in Japan.  All of the gold behind her head is gilt and is so much lovelier than it looks in the photo. (Not having realised photography would have been allowed I only had my phone with me). 

Feeling filled with inspiration I'll now put all that to one side and go back to the computer and tackle the list of jobs to do - oh well!


  1. Thank you; you caused a twinge!!! I love the way Frederick Sandys has captured the eyes. When I started painting, I thought it would be impossible to paint eyes (being a direct line to the soul and all that) but now I love doing them and they're my fave bit. Love the gold work too. I think it best if we both gloss over the feet though. I'd forgotten that the drawings were on show, but will now make an effort, now I can hobble, to go and see them.

  2. ps Are your toe bones really that long?? I'm astonished. I thought after your toes ended, (my little toe being a couple of centimetres max) they just went into some amorphous mass of unidentified middle-foot-bones ending in an ankle somewhere. Which incidentally I know is "connected to my leg bone, and my leg bone is connected to my knee bone" etc.

  3. The foot bones are quite fascinating aren't they? The exhibition is only small but if you're in that neck of the woods it's probably worth a look. It was absolutely freezing as we stretched our legs between the carpark, a quick scoot around the rag market and then up to the gallery. Certainly not a day for achy toes. We bought some bargain cotton jersey to make some t-shirt tops with. It will be warm and sunny again one day won't it?!!

  4. Yep, a very chilly day today; we had a sprinkling of snow this morning. Haven't been to the rag market in years. Last time I went I bought a carrier bag of lace - really wide and beautiful - for less than £5. Still got some of it somewhere! I looked the Brum Gallery and the exhibition is on until March, so maybe I'll wait for the weather or/and my toe bones to get better :)

  5. And I used to know the names of all dem bones, and all the muscles and tendons that articulate them .... all I can rememeber now is that collectively they are the metatarsus, as opposed to the similar, but obviously different metacarpus in the hand. I could feel depressed about how much I have forgotten over the years ..... but I don't think I shall bother.

  6. I'm very impressed that you knew the names of all the bones Hilary - some sort of medical training; or maybe a simple a penchant for skeletons? It bothers me enormously that my brains are ceasing up, as at times I don't seem to be able to remember why I've gone to the shops, or even up the stairs! The number of times I sign onto the computer to do something, and hours later sign off without having done it. Perhaps I should hope for some kind of nirvana where I've forgotten all the stuff I've forgotten,if you see what I mean, and live in blissful ignorance.