Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pot 2

This is the first laying out of fabrics for Pot 2 - which, as mentioned will have a bonsai tree in it. As before, I am using fabrics that seem to have an 'oriental' feel to them, but actually aren't

The right way up - I'm pleased with how this is going, although I shall have to work at it some more to get that pot showing

It is a bit lost on this lively background - although most of my collages start like this - I really enjoy the challenge of keeping those gorgeous fabrics in the background, yet getting my focal points to stand out.

A lighter pattern makes a lot of difference, so I shall be adding this kind of element on top. But I shall probably get the main background down much as is first. I am very happy at this stage of making a piece - it's all new and exciting, and I am full of hope - watch that change!! _ Hilary x

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous fabrics and pot Hilary. I can just picture a bonsai tree there... feels very oriental.