Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hot off the press

We took delivery of a fresh roll of poplin yesterday so today I've finally been able to print some of the images that I've had waiting. Marie you'll recognise these - I hope you like how they've turned out. I think your artwork looks wonderful! I've printed everything at the sizes you sent me. The little ones are quite small though. What did you have in mind? If you'd like them done larger it's no problem, just send me a larger version of the file.
Marie sent me a CD with some of the digital artwork that she's been creating for Orientation. I think you'll recognise the main image as I'm sure she posted it here on the blog a few weeks ago.
With those printed I moved on to some images of mine. These are digital photos that I've been tweaking in Photoshop.
This lot will all go into the steamer tomorrow and then be washed and ironed. Marie, I should be able to get yours in the post to you on Monday so look out for a parcel arriving!

Hope you're having a great weekend.


  1. Wow! The colours are so vibrant!!

  2. Wow! The quality looks superb

  3. Astonishing, and beautifully clear.

  4. Wow, Laura, those look so exciting, what a lovely surprise. I hadn't any plan except that I might get round to a dragon quilt, can't wait to see them, didn't look yesterday as I met up with Dawn for coffee then I was working in the studio, thought I had resolved the latest doll commission but today found I haven't!

    have a good weekend, everyone,


  5. All I can add is another WOW!! What a machine.