Saturday, 28 January 2012


Hi everyone,

You all saw Laura's post about printing the fabrics, including some digital designs of mine, well! I have been doing some dyeing towards the exhibition work and when I received the fabric from Laura and put it on my design wall it almost arranged itself into a quilt along with some bits from my stash and the dyed lengths.
There's many a slip between cup and lip, or between design wall and quilt but I'm very inspired at the here's a quick pic.


  1. Doh - I have just realised there are 9 of you!! I thought the blog meant '6 of us and we are friends' - not 'There were 6 of us and then we made a few more friends'.

    Maths was never my strong point!

  2. Hilary(LTW WTL) - that is fantastic!..... good for you, just the sort of thing I would do!
    Marie - I'm not surprised you are feeling inspired - that looks wonderful. Sometimes pieces do almost seem to make themselves ... as if they were out there in the ether, demanding to be made flesh ... looks like you might have one of those .... looking forward to seeing how it ends up
    Hilary B x

  3. Thanks Hilary,
    I always wonder when something looks so right when just piled together, I think you have to be very careful not to over manage the result, I'm not going near it for a few days, too much effort might ruin it......Marie

  4. Marie the printed fabrics look great mixed with your hand dyes, can't wait to see how it develops with some stitch.

    LTW-WTL, to add to the maths there's actually just four of the original 'SiX', then Catherine joined us so SiX is actually just 5! It's no surprise we're causing confusion!!

  5. They look amazing- I am having some serious printer-envy!!!!!!