Friday, 20 April 2012

Today's drawing

Well actually it was last night's quick drawing. We've had Brushes on the iPad for ages, but I've only really played with it once before. Of course with Hockney's work being the thing of the moment I was reminded about it and thought I'd have a bash. It is not easy! I did think the sort of marks that are possible to make would translate quite well to stitch though.
Bye for now,


  1. This ipod thing looks like great fun - it's come out really well. Do you mix colours or choose them from a palette?

  2. It's like making a finger painting but using the touchscreen. You can select the colour you want from a palette, choose the brush style, size, opacity and then paint away. You can have layers like in photoshop and I think you can also import photos to draw on top of or at least trace from although I've not actually tried that yet. I felt a bit clumsy at first, but you can zoom in to add detail and finer marks if you want to. When you're done you can just export it as an image file, so I'm thinking if I do something decent at some point I'll be able to print it to fabric and then stitch into it.

  3. I love this Laura, the marks have such energy and the drawing such a sense of immediacy and vitality - not attributes you would necessarily associate with an ipad. I went to the Hockney exhibition and was blown away by his huge paintings, but actually not so keen on his ipad drawings, which for me, lost so much of his expressiveness and communication with the viewer (don't shoot me anyone, I know I am on my own on this!!) - and I decided ipad drawing was not for me. But this has totally changed my mind - just gorgeous - Hilary x

  4. It's a cracking drawing, very vigorous, good as Hockney and I want an iPad.