Thursday, 26 April 2012

SiX + Friends - 2 = our first meeting!

Readers of this blog might wonder what's the toughest part of working towards an exhibition as a group and the simple answer is...

Getting nine busy career women all in one place at the same time! Of course with Catherine in Vancouver we knew it would be a bit of a long shot but we put the invite out to the rest of the group to come to Linda's today for our first get together. Fortunately seven were able to make it which is pretty amazing. Ineke and Catherine, we missed you and I will email later with all the minutes of the meeting (we'll use that term loosely!).

The best part and real point of the day was to see what each other is working on and we have to say, although we know you'll think we're biased, that the work being made is looking superb.

Of course we all pore over each other's work. Here we are scrutinising Annabel's quilts!

And here is Steph's work in progress which is looking really exciting. These panels will go together with others to make a much larger piece.

Here are some pages from Edwina's sushi inspired sketchbook and underneath you can just see some of her fabrics which use direct drawing with dyes.

And here are some pages from Marie's sketchbook. She's finding the animals that appear in Eastern culture to be a fascinating source. It was great to see Hilary's latest pieces in real life too, but my pictures were hopelessly blurry. You'll have to take my word for how good they are and come and see the exhibition!!

Of course as soon as the business was over and the show and tell packed safely away it was time for food. Linda was our hostess and so after cherry shortbread elevenses it was time for lovely salads and homemade focaccia rounded off with Annabel's rather delicious flour-less, but not exactly calorie-less chocolate and hazelnut cake. Mmmm.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all and considering that we had never got together before, this group really seems to gel so well with much mutual admiration and hilarity. For those of us not so far along with our exhibition pieces, and I'm saying nothing, because I fall firmly into that camp, I know we feel very inspired to crack on and get ours done.

I think this is going to be good.


  1. Yes, I think it's going to be good too! Fabulous fun today and very exciting meeting everyone and tucking in to delicious food. (Sadly, there weren't enough gherkins in the cake and they were missed.) Everyone is doing such different and exciting work that it will make a cracking exhibition. I'm going to start relaxing now and I'm off to do some drawing and painting on Wednesday....if I can find some objects to inspire me. It was lovely to meet the chickens too, and see the other side of the studio where DMTV happens!! Thanks everyone :)) xx

  2. I had such a good day, thanks for being such a generous hostess Linda, and the food was fab. The garden tour was fun, I love the hens in trousers particularly. And on a personal note, thanks for revealing to me the top of my head, I don't think I've seen it before...looking forward to our next get together.

  3. If I am honest with myself, I am just a teeny weeny bit jealous of you all!

  4. Teeny weeny? TEENY WEENY?? Man...I would kill to have been a fly on those walls. Love all the work you ladies do. I find it so inspiring...and DMTV is so good. I start to drool from each side of my mouth when my Muttley tells me there is a " Kemshall thing " on the emails...and move so quickly that he has to leap out of my way! And this from a girl who thinks that exercise sucks!!!

  5. A wonderful and inspiring day - and thank you Linda for hosting and feeding us so sumptiously. I think the exhibition is going to be fabulous - we have such a variety of stuff going on. Don't worry about the gherkins Annabel - I ate a big pile when I got home to make up. It was great to all meet up and as Laura says, we seem to make a very happy group. Linda - what was the name of the woman who did that gorgeous watercolour book? was it Shirley something? My book shelves are groaning at the thought, but I think I might just have to have it. And Marie ... was your stunning book just called Japanisim? Again - I don't think I can resist! - Hilary x

  6. Thanks everybody! I'm glad you all enjoyed the day. I thought our first get together went really well. I was nervous about whether we'd all hit it off when we actually met in the flesh as it were. Looks as though I needn't have worried - we all seemed to find plenty to talk about didn't we? I was exhausted by the end even though I didn't have the really long journey home that most of you had to face. The work looked amazing! This is going to be a great exhibition.

    Hilary I knew you wouldn't be able to resist adding a few new books to your shelf - the watercolour painter is Shirley Trevena. As far as I know she has three books and two DVDs available - I of course have them all!!

  7. Maybe I should have added that having the books isn't the whole answer - helps if you actually get the paints out and get them wet!

  8. You could tell by the intent way I studied your shelves couldn't you Linda! Oh - and DVD's! .. I'll probably have to get those too as I do love having them to watch when I have a long quilting session to do. The only problem with painting and collage DVD's is that they do tend to tempt me off away from stitch ... I shall just have to find more time. Love to the chickens + cat - Hilary x

  9. Hi everyone,
    It was a splendid day all round, delicious food and all round inspiration from the surroundings and the company, even the drive was good!
    Thanks, Linda and Laura for hosting the day.
    Hilary, the book is called Japonisme, written by Siegfried Wichmann, published by Thames & Hudson

  10. If it's any comfort, our SAQA Western Canada region stretches from B.C. through Manitoba -- so we have to meet in "chunks". We might have to have a mini-conference just to get people from each of the provinces in one place. We empathize with distance!

  11. Know exactly what you mean Margaret. With us it's not so much huge distances that keep us apart. England is tiny in comparison to Canada isn't it? We may only live 2 or 3 hours apart but finding a single day when we are all free appears to be impossible. Thank goodness there's email!