Friday, 20 April 2012

second 15 minutes

I am loving this - well done Marie/Annabel for the suggestion. It's the time limit that is making it so great for me - it makes it do-able timetable wise and stops me fussing. My boy again and this was hard - and I haven't got his eyes/face quite right ... but that is why we are doing this isn't it? - to improve. I just know these sketches are going to feature in work in the future. And now, having just been wowed by Laura's, I am going to have to put an ipad back on the birthday list!


  1. Aw he looks like my old dog Alfie ...yes you will improve daily I always tell my students to spend just 5-10 mins a day drawing from observation ....exercises the 'hand-eye muscle' !!Now to practise what I preach ....:).....x

  2. You'll be doing pet portraits next Hils, they are rather good. He looks a bit sad, has that cat been beating him up again?
    Due to course failure will see you on Thurs, you may want to change your mind about coming...

  3. Thanks 'Artymess' - lurchers do make you go aaawww don't they. Heres to my hand-eye muscle too!
    Steph - Dix ofetn looks rather serious - it is no joke being at the mercy of every rufty tufty nutter that comes along - incudng psycho Ted. I, of course phoned everyone and made sure your students couldn't come, so I would see you next Thursday. Was that selfish? or just adoration? x