Saturday, 14 April 2012


Congratulations, Hilary and Stephanie, both winners at Uttoxeter!
I had a splendid day out and spent very little! The embroidery exhibition was truly inspiring, some exceptional work, or have I just not been looking closely enough?
Anyway, it was worth the journey, even from here in Herefordshire.


  1. Oh, jolly well done those ladies! :)

  2. That's great news! Hope you'll post pictures of the winning quilts when you can.

  3. Thank you girls - I met up- with Steph on Sunday - a rare treat - so we were able to be a little smug together! I will post images on here as soon as I get round to getting them off the camera. As Marie said - it is a lovely show, and I too was impressed with the embroidery .... dangerously, it made me feel I might fancy doing some again! I was looking for some pale blue net for my next quilt, and was truly delighted to find some - a real find I think. Steph was spotted with a rather gorgeous basket from The African Fabric shop - it's true, there is no privacy these days - so she had a good time too! - Hilary x