Thursday, 19 April 2012

Here is my first 15 minute daily sketch. Those who know me might have guessed that sketching animals is something I am very keen to be able to do profficiently. This is my best boy - in pencil and from a photo as Dixter never stays still long enough, although I would love to be clever enough to capture him in those few seconds ... but one thing at a time! I can see all sorts wrong with it, but I am actually quite pleased with it for a first attempt. It has got something of his essence. I am very excited to see how this develops and hopefully my skill increases as the days/weeks go by ... and 15 minutes was easy to find - Hilary x


  1. Love it Hils, I'll send a photo of George and you can do him next if you like.

  2. Thanks Steph - please do send a picture ... I would love to do old George, amd I am certain he would like a little portrait of himself x