Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Drawing Challenge

Did someone throw down a gauntlet? Did I say that I was too busy to join in? Oh well, don't believe everything I say. Fitting things in is all a case of priorities. We have nothing ready for dinner tonight, but I have a drawing to show you.

 Don't know how you want to work this, but for the record here's a bit of info. It's the first prep study for the drawing that needs to go on my birdcage quilt for Orientation. It's worked across a double page spread of my A4 sketchbook using graphite pencil. Spent about 40 minutes on it. Guess that's why I love drawing so much more than quilts sometimes, you've got to love the speed you can get things down.
With this drawing done I feel more confident now to draw on the quilt top. I'll do this direct, probably with Inktense as they'll be the more permanent than graphite, but I might add some fine pen too if I've got some.
Looking forward to seeing the results of what everyone else is working on!
Bye for now,


  1. Hi Laura,
    Well, I call that speedy and beautiful, I might scan mine and show you all how rough a drawing can be. I think I lack patience yet if I get involved with a drawing it can occupy me for ages, but not this one!

  2. I'm interested to know if you worked from life or a photograph, I enjoy drawing my own hand(s), but it is always quite limited to what angle you can hold. I guess you did n't get Linda to pose for you, you both seem so productive that I cannot imagine she would have the time to spare!!
    Lovely, sensitive drawing.

  3. Hi Jill,

    It's my hand and I had to work from a photo, it would have been just to awkward a pose to hold and draw at the same time, even with a mirror to help get the right angle! I know that sometimes drawing from photos is frowned upon, but I still use them for my work all the time.