Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sushi update

I have been working with my dyed and painted fabrics inspired by sushi. It is always a major decision to  take the scissors or rotary cutter to any fabric and make those first incisions - goodness that sounds like major surgery but perhaps it's a quilter's version! Anyway, I took the plunge and started to cut them up. I had always intended to mix and match two of them so this is the first one starting to take shape.
The background was painted with a chisel nibbed pen filled with dye. It was most satisfying drawing these large free form spirals. The coloured circles were also painted with dye using the same pen. I like the wasabi green and the salmon pink! These circles were cut from a larger painted fabric and since arranging them as above I have bonded each shape onto felt and these will eventually be appliquéd to the background once it has been quilted.
The shapes are intentionally not perfect circles to echo the slightly irregular shapes of the sushi.
I love the marks made by the pen as it is moved across the cloth. These were such fun to paint.
The next stage will be to quilt the background so that I can decide how to apply these shapes on to it. I think I shall quilt it with large swirling spirals, we shall see!
Speak to you soon


  1. These are looking fab Edwina - I think I fancy playing with a dye filled pen ... it must be a very spontaneous process and that shines through in these circular marks. Big spiral quilting sounds good fun too ...hand or machine? - Hilary x

  2. I love this Edwina. I especially love the wasabi green!! Who'd thunk such wonderous things could come from sushi.

  3. Brilliant Edwina, good idea cutting them out - so different

  4. Love these Edwina, really fresh and funky.

  5. Mmmmmm. I love sushi and I love your inedible sushi just as much! The colours are mouthwatering ( she says...dribbling onto the keyboard ).....

  6. Thanks for your comments. They were certainly fun to do.
    Hilary I think I will start with machine quilting the spirals and see where that leads me.

  7. really love the feel of this - looking foward to the quilting - stand out or background thread?