Tuesday, 8 May 2012

a bit more drawing...

Hope those of you who had a long weekend enjoyed it! No such luck over here, just a regular working day for us Canadians. I did manage a bit of drawing last week and finally got around to taking some images.The weather has been so grim, it was a bit like taking images in the dark but this weekend things finally brightened up so out with the camera.

We worked on quicker drawing this week, these above were 2 minutes each ( I don't get much done in 2 minutes!) and the ones below were a bit longer at 4 minutes- though still not a whole body.

and just because it's finally here ...it's spring and sunny, yahoo! The cherry blossoms are finally out, the real ones. I couldn't resist this image of them against a blue sky, we haven't seen much of that this past month. 



  1. That sky looks gorgeous Catherine - we could really do with some sunshine here. These droughts are getting us all down - it's so cold and wet!! I saw a big yellow thing in the sky yesterday and I couldn't work out what it was. Then it came to me....cheese. A big round yellow lump of cheddar.

    The sketches are ace - very tricky poses!

  2. We started out quite nice here today but it has poured down again all afternoon.
    I'm falling behind with the drawing, just not motivated at the moment.Your sketches are amazing, Catherine

  3. Glad you both like the drawings. This model was amazing, he got into some very twisty positions and it brought on one those lovely "aha" moments that are so few and far between. Because of the poses I had to really look and pay attention to what was what and where it was. I know, I know, I should be doing that anyway, especially with life drawing but the poses stopped me thinking and got me looking. Now if I could just remember that and apply it again!
    Oh, not meaning to rub it in (much!) but it's sunny here again- 4 days in a row is probably some kind of record for early May in Vancouver.