Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A bit wibbly wobbly!

Well, here's a little drawing for you. Had I had another hour and not been busy chatting away, I might even have got the elipses sorted and the goblet and bowl looking better. However, I ran out of time - but had fun!!

Great exercise and got my brain thinking again. Not a photo in sight!


  1. What a lovely, expressive drawing Annabel. It is such a nice way to spend time isn't it? I am sticking (so far) to my one a day (except for weekends and when I am away) - and am really enjoying it. And Dixter is slowly getting easier to draw! - Hilary x

  2. It was a great teapot - wish it was mine. I really enjoyed doing this and wish I'd had more time to finish it off. Love your Dixter piccies Hilary and hope they'll keep coming.

    The life model came this afternoon and I have a wonderful pose which I can't wait to get started on, but it'll have to go in the to-do pile for a while! Rats.