Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy holiday

Hope everyone is enjoying a well earned break this weekend. I thought I'd show you this.

I could pretend that I knew exactly what I was doing when I painted this today but the truth is I just happened to have a sponge roller saturated with gold paint left over from something I was working on. I always roll the remains of any paint over a page of my sketchbook because I'm too mean to waste it. The grasses are a commercial stamp that I needed to test before I used it on the other work so that's totally arbitrary too. The bird owes something to the beautiful cards Hilary gave us last week (thanks Hilary!) and also a book on Indian miniature painting I found at a library sale for 30p. With all this gold I am definitely getting more blingy by the day!


  1. Crackingly beautiful Linda. I love the way he arches over the top of the pages!

  2. I really love this Linda - he is majestic. You have really captured the atmosphere of those cards too. I have to say I think this could be the basis of a stunning tryptych for your screen - although rather a major undertaking! I too am far too mean to waste rollers of paint and always roll it off either on to paper or fabric, and they make great starting points don't they? - Hilary x