Thursday, 8 March 2012

This one's next on the list.

What's this I hear you cry??? Another plan???  Well, yes ok, I admit that I have far more ideas than I have quilts at the moment, but this one is a definite!

After drawing my little red teapot, I want to use it in some way. I've hatched a plan but I'm not going to tell you all about it in this posting, but I hope you'll keep reading to see how it develops!!
 It involves bamboo too.

I've done 2 pieces with bamboo so far. On the right is Bamboo 1 and below is Bamboo 2. I said I'd never do another one, but I lied.

Now they don't quite go together as they are, so I'm going to go away and do a spot of drawing and see if I can't find a way of melding them in a happy way.

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