Friday, 2 March 2012

Hi Everyone,
Congratulations, Laura, the painting looks wonderful, what a great gallery.
It has been quiet this week till today so I decided to put my picture of the plum blossom in my garden. I've watched it burgeoning from the first floor bathroom, I lost patience with the horrible terracotta on the walls which explains why I've been quiet! Nothing wrong with terracotta, just not in this room....
Annabel, the new painting looks gorgeous.


  1. Hi Marie,

    When I first read your post I thought you meant you'd painted the plum blossom on the bathroom wall - you haven't have you? I do hope you have, what fun!! My bathroom walls are very boring...hmm....

  2. I was waiting for someone else to comment first as I wasn't quite sure what was going where!! The plum blossom is beautiful and would look good anywhere I think. Thank you for the comment on the new painting Marie - it's very minimal and every time I look at it, I can appreciate it more and more -there seems to be perfect harmony and balance. I like the fish too.

  3. Hi,
    No, the plum blossom is a photo, I once painted my bedroom with figures inspired by the cartoonist Ronald Searle, I've no idea how I got away with it, deep pink wall, black figures!

    The bathroom is boring old white and has taken three coats to cover the terracotta, imagine how many coats my mother had to apply to get rid of my 'artistic' experiment.

  4. One of my daughters painted her room a shiny dark blue, including the ceiling - it took coats and coats of paint to cover it up. She was about 14 at the time and going through a goth phase so it's quite understandable. I feel for your mother!!!

  5. Marie, so you painted the lovely trees over the new white walls? I like that idea very much. We just moved into a new home (new to us...we typically buy old houses..this one was built in 1995) with LOTS of long walls and a paint scheme that SO isn't me. I am just busting to break out my brushes and make it mine....but first, the boxes. All the boxes (why did we move so much stuff???)

    I really enjoy the posts on this blog - you all are so creative and the enthusiasm and imaginations that manifest are wonderful to see.