Saturday, 31 March 2012

Orientation Piece 3 finished (Pine Tree)

Pine Tree

(36" by 28")
Raw edge applique, stitch, and a very little paint.  It's finished except for the binding.

These are photos of the process, taken along the way.
I have to hold my hands up on this and say that I more or less copied a small black and gold ancient Japanese lacquered picnic box, which is at Snowshill Manor in Gloucestershire. (If you haven't been, it's a must for anyone who likes lots of odd bits and pieces put together. The place is so full of collections, that the owner had to move out into an outbuilding!)

Obviously there's some changes; colour, lettering, quilted stems and painted shapes, but the essence is the same.  To be honest, I liked it so much, I didn't change it!
And thank you so much to the very kind ladies who ferreted out the correct lettering for Pine Tree, after I asked for help on my blog.  Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?


  1. What superb design skills and needlewomanship -it is stunning.

  2. I love it Annabel - well done you! Snowshill Manor is one of my favourite places to visit. I defy anyone not to be inspired by something there - a truly eccentric collection of the weird and wonderful.

  3. Thank you Sue and Linda! Snowshill Manor has been closed for winter but I think it opens again this next week and I feel we're due another visit soon. I just love all the cabinets and boxes,especially ones with lots of drawers which are stuffed with stuff...there's one here which is just up my street! It would only cost a few thousand pounds I'm sure!! (I think you'd have to cut and paste the link)

  4. Once is very lovely Steph, twice and I'm overwhelmed frankly!! (thanks :) )

  5. Fabulous, Annabel.
    I'm so dumb, I didn't realise we could see the images in a larger format!!

    Even better when seen in clearer detail.....

  6. How do you do that then Marie....I'm even dumber!

  7. Hi Anabel,
    You just click on any image and another window opens with gorgeous big images, it does mean that all the little details show up, not a problem in your case, the work looks amazing but I must take batter pics!Or do better work!

  8. Maybe I just need a bigger screen Marie!! I can get it larger but not by much. If I click Edit and then View Full Screen I can get a larger image but I can't zoom in....not that I want to on my pic you understand, but it would be useful when looking at other images. Thanks for telling me about it though and fingers crossed that it does look ok when examined close up, but I'm sitting here cringing at the thought!!

    I think there must be an art to taking good clear quilt photos. I find it very difficult to do. The camera is reasonable I think so it must just be me. I do tend to just point and shoot and have buttons on the camera which baffle me.

  9. Well, your images are quite large anyway, click on my cranes and see the difference, in size...please ignore the quality.
    I find that when I have the patience to get out the tripod and hang the quilts in good even light I do well but mostly I point and shoot them still on the wall in the room they live in, not good. My green house is wonderful for light on a dull day but it's out of bounds as I have boxes of seedlings in there at the moment.

  10. I'd love a greenhouse, not just for quilts either! I think it might be on this year's to-get list. Your cranes are beautiful btw, so phshaw!! x

  11. Thank you Clare, I'm really pleased that you like it :))