Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hi Linda,
This is a weird coincidence, in my sketchbook I have this drawing.....I seem to have played with it a bit and the original unadulterated scan has disappeared but you can see I had the same idea.


  1. Well Marie - how amazing! You obviously knew that painting for some time. I wonder if you worked from the original or from the Van Gogh copy?

  2. Marie, that's uncanny; isn't life strange sometimes??

    This Orientation lark is getting to me as I've just posted off my Mothers Day card (to my mother!!) I chose it because the picture really appealed to was chinoiserie, a blossom tree with a bird in it, and my new bedroom wallpaper is white with gold blossom trees and birds...oriental again. This wouldn't have happened last year! So, thank you Linda and Laura for broadening my horizons.