Monday, 26 March 2012

Hi, Laura, your purchases look amazing, that beaten indigo is so gorgeous, should be loved but not cut....
I had a good time at the Rock and Gem show but only bought little items such as the silver fish in my photo.
The photos are of my attempt to catch up on my Journal quilts, I know I should so them each month but it's more fun doing a few at a time, these and those for the rest of the year are ideas for my sketchbook on Orientation.

The third is work in progress, I feel totally inadequate when trying to work in mixed media so put my mind to getting over it by doing more. The theme for this first three months is red......


  1. Well, those certainly beautiful...

  2. You do such a lot Marie! I love the crane (well I assume it's a crane! The doubt is not caused by your wonderful drawings but because I'm a bit clueless about birds.)