Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Life 5 - zen garden

Just an update for the blog, as it's been a while! Although the exhibition at Redditch is up and running, I'm making two more Life quilts, based on an oriental theme, and this is where I'm up to with Life 5.

I've been investigating shoji blinds, and have begun to put them in place. They are room dividers and privacy screens.You can see a space between the blinds and this will be for a view through an open door - a bit like the photo on the left.

 My view was inspired by David Hockney's paintings of a zen garden in Kyoto (internet trawl bought up the photo below)

I'm not sure if I'll go with stones or put one of my wobbly topiary trees in the gravel instead.  I'm looking forward to doing the machining for the gravel patterns!! It's quite a big space to fill and is a bit like a quilt within a quilt.

I've been a bit slow with stuff lately, but hope to speed up soon and perhaps get it done before the end of October. (There, I've publicly set a date now - cripes)  Gardening jobs and related special occasions are at an end now so I have no excuse not to crack on! The other Life Quilt with an Oriental theme will be Still Life with lots of Chinese pots (I've been collecting them and now have enough I think) 
Right then, I'm off to eat cupcakes.  I'm supposed to be on a low fat diet but can't see good food go to waste especially if it's extraordinarily delicious.


  1. What a difference the lines of the screen make. They set the perspective of the scene and instantly create three dimensional space on the surface. I am so enjoying this quilt appearing before my eyes.

  2. Thank you both. I hope it will turn out ok. I don't think it's a "blistering" (not my word btw!) quilt Like Life 4 but I hope it will be enjoyable. Looking forward to cracking on with it...but keep getting waylaid by flat pack furniture and other interesting things!