Saturday, 8 September 2012

Exhibition open

Catherine and I took a trip over to Redditch yesterday so that she could see the exhibition before flying home later this morning.
We were very pleased to see how wonderful the work looks in the gallery at Forge Mill. Here is a little taster to hopefully entice you along to our Meet the Artists ( some of them!) between 1pm and 3pm today.

Look forward to seeing some of you later - off to Manchester Airport now!



  1. Best of success with the exhibit.

  2. Thanks Beth - today went really well ... lovely to meet lots of you .... and the work looks great I think. Will post some photos when they are downloaded ... hope lots more people will go along too - Hilary x

  3. Hello - If you are reading this and have not been then I urge you to go along. I had a fab time yesterday - the work was great and it was lovely to meet up with Hilary, Linda and Steph again, and great to meet Edwina and Annabel (though through the wonders of the blogosphere it felt a bit like meeting old friends!)

    The setting is wonderful and the work looks so beautiful - it has been hung so well. A truly inspiring afternoon.

    Hilary G

    ps Edwina and Hilary - you'll be glad to know I got back to Portsmouth ok. The light is still on but the car went fine. No hanging around on the hard shoulder waiting for the AA!

  4. Hello t'other Hilary. It was lovely to meet you too. Glad you got home safe and sound and thank you for coming to see the exhibition x

  5. Lovely to see you Hilary - and very pleased you liked the exhibition. Glad the car behaved too - although you might have got one of those handsome hunks on a big black bike ... or is that the RAC? - Hilary x