Saturday, 1 September 2012

food for thought

With deadlines looming and about a million things that need to be done before an exhibition opens whats a girl to do. I know when the going gets tough the tough get going so we decided on shopping (did that yesterday!) and baking- you guessed it Hilary - brownies!

This recipe actually originates in Vancouver- it's from a wonderful place called The Lazy Gourmet and I have been making them for ages. I shared the recipe with Edwina and she made a few additions and adaptations to the recipe and here is the version we shared at the latest SiX and Friends meeting, enjoy!

The Lazy SiX and Friends gourmet brownies-
235 grams butter
235 grams white sugar
235 grams brown sugar
175 grams cocoa
3 large eggs
235 grams flour ( cake and pastry or plain)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
235 grams total all or mixture of chopped pecans, dried cranberries, chocolate chips or.....

*in a large bowl sift flour and baking powder and set aside.
* In a large saucepan melt the butter add white sugar, brown sugar and cocoa- blend well. Beat in one egg at a time add flour and blend well, add vanilla and nuts etc... mix in well.
* Pour into prepared 9" X 13" pan ( we lined the bottom with parchment) and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F., 180 C or gas mark 4.  Center will be firm but not hard.

We won't mention the calorie count but a little free motion quilting helps wear some of it off!

Edwina recommends Green and Black cocoa and I'm a fan of Fry's.

Brownies in the oven- back to stitching!



  1. Honestly - Green and Blacks need to start using that photo of Edwina in their advertising ... she looks rather fetchingly mad! Thank you so much Catherine for the recipe, and dare we hope that some of that batch might still be around on Tuesday?? - I only ask because poor Annabel hasn't had any ... it's not for me (obviously). Fingers crossed - Hilary x

  2. Excellent, I will now make that my brownie recipe, sorry Delia.
    It would be interesting to see what Edwina's pic would do in terms of sales. I reckon they would soar; I have no analysis to support that, it's just a feeling. It would certainly appeal to mad middle aged women, I can vouch for that...

  3. Oh Catherine...a fellow Fry's fan. I knew I'd like you :) xx I agree with Steph and Hilary though Edwina, there's a definite marketing opportunity there! Great photo. Can I just point out, ahem, that I'm a bit behind on my fair shares of brownies?? (Looks towards feet, pouts, small gathering of tears in left eye, pathetic mien, slight sigh, etc) Crumbs would do. I could even just sniff deeply as the plate passes me by. Honestly, Id be grateful for anything.

  4. Glad you all like the image of Edwina, it is a good one isn't it? not sure Green and Blacks would want to use it for all their advertising, it does have a limited demographic. Though as Steph says it would appeal to mad women of a certain age, but do they bake?
    Glad you are a Fry's fan Annabel, I was pretty sure we would get along when I heard you gardened with gorillas but now I know for sure.
    There will be brownies tomorrow Hilary- should I pack a little parcel for Annabel?

  5. I strongly suspect that mad women of a cetain age do indeed bake - and particuarly with choccy .. so I'm still all for sending in Edwinas picture -- as long as she is prepared to become an icon for chocolate loving loons (and I include myself among that number). I think popping a couple of brownies in a little special bag for Annabel might be just the thing Catherine .. she is not normally a demanding bod, but I think the low fat diet has taken it's toll and the bottom lip has definitley been a quiver since brownies were mentioned and she didn't get one. So it would be a kindness, I can't wait to scoff the rest - see you tommorrow girls xx

  6. Oh yes - and I wonder if by any happy chance anyone I'm seeing tomorrow is fluent in German?? I'm trying to buy a thermofax machine from Germany, and although I can translate the main page to English, I can't translate the checkout process and I just can't get the last bit done! fingers crossed x

    1. I bought a thermofax machine from Germany a few years so it's probably from the same supplier Guenther Panenka. Guenther has really good english, so it shouldn't be a problem if you need to email or phone him, he's very helpful.
      Also, you can copy and paste the check-out process web-page into google translate.

    2. Thanks for this Claire - I think the phone is going to be my next line of attack! If I really can't get one from Germany (Annabels husband did suggest just driving there and picking it up - might be easier) then Catherne has very kindly offered to take delivery from America (who don't ship to the UK) and then ship to me - what a good bod! Watch this space for updates! - Hilary x

  7. Oh, a little parcel of choccy brownies - does life get any better? I think not. G speaks a little german Hils if you're interested. Not sure if it's enough to decode a thermofax machine instruction book, but I'm sure he'll give it a go! See you all tomorrow....yay!

  8. Oh fantastic Annabel – we can get him involved and see if that helps .. tis all most annoying when I’m trying to spend money and have a treat. Catherine and Eddy are apparently not German speakers - although Catherine does Inuit if needed .... sadly I'm not aware of any thermofax available from that quarter. Now don't start worryimg, but those tewo ahve started on the brownies already ...???

  9. Just in case anyone is wondering - the brownies were GOOD - VERY GOOD and as a bonus Edwina let us dunk in the indigo vat .... all in all a jolly good day! x