Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Delightful Hilary came all the way to Leamington yesterday to give me a lift delivering quilts to Inneke's barn for the Orientation exhibition.

Now whilst Hilary was deep in a trough of indigo dye...................

........................ I was deep in a trough of those world famous brownies!

Thanks to everyone, and see you on Saturday!


  1. Hilary looks very fetching in her coordinating black gloves. Looking froward to Saturday.

  2. The bits that came out were very fetching too! - will post the photos tomorrow - Hilary x

  3. I am hoping very much to make it on Saturday! Looks like all my various family and work committments will allow me! So I will be rocking up.

    Should we all wear some sort of identification so that if we bump into people we have met in the blogosphere we will know who we are talking to when we meet them in the flesh? Happy to carry a rolled up copy of the FoQ catalogue and a rose in my lapel!