Friday, 29 June 2012

Hola amigos!

Hello everyone! You all kept my secret so brilliantly  - thank you! Especially to Annabel who I had to confess to much earlier to explain why I was ducking out of offering any workshops for our forthcoming exhibition in Leamington! Truth be told, because of DMTV videos it was just a matter of time before the secret couldn't be kept any longer. We were either going to have to confess or get a higher table for me to hide bump behind.

Before there are three of us to worry about Jamie and I snuck off last week for a few days in Spain. We got back yesterday in the midst of that massive storm over Birmingham. Steph, I'm sure you'll have sympathy with how bad it was. We were all set to land, seatbelts on, Kindle packed away when the pilot comes over the announcer to say it looks a bit rough ahead, but we were still going to try to land. Well, I've never been on a flight with such bad turbulence or seen such a lot of lighting out of the windows. To be honest I decided it was best not to look. The poor little boy in front of us was ill which of course then makes everyone feel grim and the man opposite me even starts reading the safety card. We circled round trying to land, but couldn't, fuel was getting low so they at least gave in, much to our relief and diverted to East Midlands. We weren't allowed off the plane and instead had to wait while we re-fuelled and for the storm which was by that time at East Mids to quieten down a bit, before taking off again to head back to try to land at Birmingham. I'm not usually anxious about flying but it was all quite frightening. It's typical, we've not been on holiday for ages and we choose to fly back the exact moment that there's one of the worst summer storms for ages! Anyway, much later than planned and very tired and a bit shaken we got back to Birmingham. We were very glad to get our feet on that tarmac that's for sure.

So an eventful journey home, but it didn't spoil the trip and we really enjoyed getting some sun on our backs. We stayed on the Costa Blanca near to Denia. The scenery is quite striking - high mountains, orange groves, rice fields and then long, long sandy beaches. The plan was just to chill out, but I did keep my eye out for inspiring things and took a few photos.

I loved all these doors. Of course I saw others that were just as good on the days that I couldn't be bothered to cart my camera around! 

I'm not sure how they'll feature in work, but I would like to use them in some way so I'll work on a few ideas in my sketchbook. Before I went away I finished the majority of the quilting on one of the pieces for Orientation. Now I look at it after a break I think it needs more stitch here and there and some more drawing. I'll try to tackle that this weekend and will post pictures when I'm done. It's good to be back in my workroom, there's only so much lolling about in the sun that a person can take you know!


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  2. What an absolute nightmare!! I would have been frightened senseless. I'd have been chanting the safety instruction in the same way others say prayers, and probably trying to hide under the seat whilst hyper ventilating. In case you hadn't guessed, I'm really not a good traveller! Glad you're all back safe and sound and that you found such an inspiration in Costa Blanca, as well as sunning yourself and bump - there's some fab stitching patterns in the photos you posted, and we're all waiting to see what you get up to with them.

  3. It was quite a storm, the sky went dark purple here in Birmingham. I was in my studio and I can see a lot of sky, it was as dark as night. Giant hailstones too. It's no joke when you're flying. On the flight back from Venice last week there was a bit of turbulence because of all the cloud over Birmingham,anf that was bad enough for me! We had a very worried woman in front of us who had started shouting just after we took off from Venice, where the weather was fine. I think she frightened a few people, poor thing; she went to sit with the crew I think, eventually [not the pilot I hope!] Trains and boats in future...
    glad you enjoyed the holiday anyway.