Monday, 11 June 2012

A quilt in half a day!

I don't think I have ever produced a small quilt top in such a short time. It took an hour to cut the strips and squares and two hours to stitch it together.
It is based on an idea described by Kay Koeper Sorensen on her blog Quilts + Color I decided to use some of my large collection of indigo dyed fabrics plus a fabric I printed last year when I was teaching at The Studio in Loch Lomond.
I thought this multi coloured fabric, printed with a masked out silk screen, would provide an interesting contrast to the indigo fabrics. I like the sparkle that the complementary colour provides here.
All that is needed now is another length of dyed cloth for the backing and then I can quilt it.
At least with this rather damp summer weather there is more time for stitching!
Speak to you soon


  1. Love it Edwina ... and that is my kind of timescale too! I'm not sure I could have cut up that utterly gorgeous screen printed cloth though ... I have one somewhere done with a masked screen and they do look glorious - must hunt it out - Hilary x

  2. I love that quilt! Speedy but striking!

  3. You're so right about this horrible weather giving extra time for stitching. Could it get more miserable (snow and hurricanes not included here) I loved the screen printed cloth too; gorgeous colours, but doesn't it lift the indigo? I expect by the time you've read this,speedy, you'll have finished the entire thing!

  4. Love the colours Ed, would you like to come and sprinkle your speedy fairy dust on me so I can actually finish something?

  5. What a creative use of fabrics for your quilt.
    It is really attractive.