Sunday, 24 June 2012

Japanese Bronze Pots - pen and ink sketches

Bronze Jug and Kettle

I thought I'd do a couple of sketches of some bronze jugs and kettles whilst I was watching TV.  I picked up what I thought was my permanent ink gel pen, only to find that after putting a wash on the kettle, it began to melt away.  Wrong pen. Rats.  What a waste of energy!!

However, waste not want not, I doodled around and with some cutting and sticking, put it and it's source photocopy into my sketch book, and it least it had the useful effect, of making me fall in love with red and turquoise again!

 And here is some eye candy sent to me by Sharne from Sharne's bits and bobs who is a reader of this blog. She found these Japanese patterned papers on the interweb.

Next time I have a need to do blossom, I shall remember the blue one; the shapes look easy to do and I like the way they're piled together. The centre marks would make a good stitching pattern too I think.


  1. Beautiful drawings Annabel - what an amazing amount of tone you have achieved with just a pen. I'm struggling to see any runs on anyhting, so I think your salvage job must have been sucessful. And aren't thoses paper just gorgeous -Hilary x

  2. Cheers old sock! (love that phrase Hilary!) I found it a bit like doodling as you can't get deeper tones by pressing harder, so you have to put in more ink instead. I'm getting the hang of it slowly, and one thing the pots have taught me (besides checking your pen is permanent) is to put in the tones before the patterning.