Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ready for binding

Finally I have all the quilting complete on the first piece for Orientation. This one's been weeks in the making so it's a big relief to get it to this stage. 

I know, I know, before you comment, it's a top notch photo! Seriously, there's no sleeve at the moment so I can't pop it on the stand and had to photograph it on the floor instead. It's such a long thing and a thank you that it's impossible! As you can see I've squared it off. The original plan was to leave the irregular shape, but once the quilting was done it just seemed better to crop the composition a bit tighter.  Besides, I think it needs a dark binding to give it a strong outline so I'm going to bind rather than face. 

It's all free hand quilted, mostly on the longarm and just a few finishing bits on the regular machine.

So that's one down and three more on the list to do. These will be smaller though and more manageable  - I hope!

Meanwhile I've also been working on something new. This quilt is all digitally printed onto cotton poplin. The central area is a layered collage of a digital photo of my favourite wintry hedges and a drawing I did earlier in the year. I've added some pieced columns to the left and right hand sides. It went on the longarm today and I've started the quilting. I'm really enjoying working on this one. I'll head over to the Fingerprint blog in a moment or two and add some extra pictures of it on there. Do take a look!

Hope you're all keeping busy. Talk to you soon,


  1. Um, I'm a bit speechless old bean. That's really wonderful; I love it! The hand with the ribbons is incredible as are the birds. It's going to be a cracker of an exhibition.

  2. Awe inspirong as always Laura - glad to see the bump hasn't affected that! I love that new piece of printed fabric too

  3. I am stunned by Laura's work, it is a real testament to her comment as my tutor that any picture you can draw can be re-created in textiles. Wonderful.

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments! xx