Thursday, 12 July 2012

Another treasure

I saw a lovely Geisha figure in a local antique shop a few weeks ago and thought she'd be perfect for a Victorian glass dome I bought at auction in the spring. The shop owner measured her for me and I checked the height of the dome as soon as I got home. Imagine my disappointment when I returned to the shop and she had already been sold. What I didn't know until my birthday yesterday was that it was my mother who had bought her for me!

She stands 17 inches tall and wears a lovely silk Kimono.

Rather difficult to photograph her under the dome (and I'm so scared I'll break something that I don't want to remove it again!) but you can just make out the stitched fabric fingers. I don't know what she's holding - Annabel have you any idea? They are pierced, slightly curved rectangular shapes painted metallic gold and threaded with a cord.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your Mom is the best!!! I love gifting my children with presents I know they will appreciate.

  2. She is just exquisite Linda - will she be appearing in a quilt?

  3. First of all, Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful surprize - mum's are ace. She is indeed beautiful -so delicate - and the kimono is divine. I've squizzed my nose right up to the screen, to see if I can help identify what she's holding, but rather lamely, I have to say I can't. They're obviously significant and probably what the figure is all about. I know geisha have cards printed for every season of the year and change them all the time,or is she perhaps making something? Is it to do with dance? or music? or calligraphy, or amusement (games etc)I can't see why the cards would be threaded though. Shoes? Someone out there in interweb land will be sure to know, but I'll carry on thinking in the meantime.