Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pot 3 - at last

Having finally finished and delivered my quilts for FOQ, I am now able to get on to my third piece for the first Orientation exhibition - a third pot. This will hang with the other two as a triptych although each could stand alone as a wallhanging. So here is my initial collage - again a mish-mash of fabrics that feel oriental to me

Obviously a bit too bright, as my planned pot of flowers need to have a chance to show. This pot will hold black orchids, so the background can be quite dramatic, but this needed toning down and some more structural lines adding ... result below 

Here's the pot which will hold the orchids - it actually belongs to my Mother in Law and I took the photos months ago, just after I had first been invited to contribute - gorgeous pot

I knew I wanted somethiong else to sit behind the flowers - in much the same way as the moon sits behind the Bonsai tree in Pot 2. But I didn't really want to repeat the moon and was still pondering what to use when I looked up the full name of my chosen orchid and discovered it is known as the moth orchid - perfect .... a big moth would do just the job I wanted. I planned to create him out of painted bondaweb and foil, as with my moon. Here is the paper cut out - trying for size.

And you may struggle to see these next two - but here he is, bondawebbed and foiled

I do only want him to be faint, but he does show better than I can show in the photos - he is silvery and catches the light - perhaps a side view will help ...

And it also shows exactly why I always block my pieces ... imagine how wavy this will be when I have quilted it ... and it's on to that tomorrow - Hilary x


  1. I love seeing your processes Hilary. Another stunner in the making I think! The three of them hanging together are going to create quite a stir methinks. A xx ps I really like that shot of red on the right side and the bottom of the quilt.

  2. The addition of the moth is going to provide the perfect background. Lovely

  3. Hi Hilary - this one is looking great so far. They'll look fab hanging together at the Needle Museum.

    I received my email notification with the links to the latest Artists & Illiustrators magazine this morning. Hopefully if you guys signed up too it'll mean yours are also on the way. It's hosted on Issuu and you can download it to your desktop if you want to. I noticed that the same publishers have also made the previous issue available. If you click on the link to their other publications you'll find it in the list. I almost bought it a couple of weeks ago so I'm now really pleased I didn't!!


  4. Thanks for all the kind comments girls .. Mr Moth has progressed nicely with his quilting lines today - I am glad you like him Maggi and I am now happily filling in the background. That bit of lovely red is actually a piece I painted at the first class I went to with you Steph - it was red for fungi, but as you may recall, I rather went in to production, so still have lots left now. I'm not sure how it got in to my oriental pile - but it was very serendipitous as you say Annabel - I love it too and I think this one will be a really richly coloured piece.
    And talking of rich colour ....Laura is tempting us with magazines ... let me mention a lovely purchase I made form Art van Go last week. It is a little round stacking palette of koh-i-noor dye based paints. Some of you will no doubt have the watercolour version, and some will have the rectangular box of tablet dyes ... this is the best of both worlds. Six blocks in each of four stacking palettes = 24 different colours and they are gorgeously intense. If you like the other dye palette - you wil love these - only just over £6 too ... bet they sell like hot potatos at FOQ! - Hilary x