Thursday, 30 August 2012

I was going to add an image of completed Oriental Pot 3 - but I have to confess I can't find it right now ... no doubt buried in a pile of images from Festival of Quilts! But I did find a couple of details, and here they are:

This one is called 'Black Orchid' and at the moment is my favourite ... but that may well change. Anyway - with the opening of the first exhibition rapidly approaching, we have been writing up artist statements and pricing up work we want to sell .... and I have to say, I much prefer making them! Hope to see lots of you at the Meet the artist session on September 8th - Hilary x


  1. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh Hils. Ever so well done on your wonderful successes at the quilt shows recently. You're cooking on gas! (anyone else remember that saying?)

  2. Thanks Annabel - and I am so much looking forward to the 8th and getting to see all the work ccompleted and hanging together.... I honestly do think it is going to lok fantastic. And yes - I remember cooking on gas and also 'cook, cook, cookability - that's the beauty of gas' - what a pair of saddos. You know, I think I went on British Gas baking day during our school hoildays in my early teens .. a day off for the parents really I imagine ... and so exciting for us kids too!?