Thursday, 23 August 2012

Getting Together

This post is really for the benefit of Annabel as much as anyone else - Annabel we missed you at the meeting this week, here are a few photos to show you what we got up to. Looking forward to everyone getting together at some stage, but of course it's tough to pin down eight busy women on the same day! Of course it was the first meeting without Marie too.

We met at Ineke's barn and boy am I jealous of that fabulous studio space. Ever since I've been scouring the internet for a derelict barn ripe for similar renovation near to me, but can I find one? No! If any of you out there don't know about Ineke's barn and the workshops that she runs there do check out her blog.

It's such a vibrant space with every spare bit of wall filled with colour and inspiration.

The meeting kicked off in true SiX fashion with no agenda, no minutes, but plenty of coffee, flapjacks and brownies.

Now followers of this blog will know there's an exhibition deadline looming for us. If you think that all the work must be done and dusted by now then you'd be wrong, very wrong! We're all so busy and what with teaching, events like Festival of Quilts and all of the other things that have to be done in life, rarely have the luxury of time to work in an uninterrupted way on our things. Needless to say we all seized the opportunity to get in a bit of hand stitching on the pieces that still need attention.

Of course not everything is so last minute. Hilary's completed three stunning pieces already. Here are two of them.

It was fun to see what everyone else has been working on. Here's Edwina showing us some of the applique shapes that'll be added to her quilts inspired by sushi.

The exhibition is shaping up to be a diverse collection of work with everyone drawing inspiration from different 'oriental' sources. We hope lots of you will be able to come. You'll find the details in the side bar. Please help spread the word to all your friends!


  1. Golly - I am so looking forward to this exhibition.

    Hilary G (the one with the Lurcher, Hilary B!)

  2. Hiya! I missed you all too :( What a fabulous space Ineka has. I've never been to the barn before but it's amazing; I'm so jealous of all that room. I reckon I could be twice as creative there. Do you take lodgers Ineke??? I also missed out on the brownies too which I'm fairly miffed at. Still, it's probably just as well that I stick to my low fat Rich Tea biscuits (as explained to Hilary, I think they were designed to give to budgies to sharpen their beaks on)

    The work that I can see looks stunning and it'll be amazing to see it all hanging together. Looking forward to getting together at the Meet The Artists (on Saturday September 8th between 1 and 3) Also looking forward to meeting new people from this blog etc if you're around???

  3. From what I've seen the exhibition is going to be fantastic Hilary (I think Lurcher Hilary is rather a nice name by the way!), the work we saw at the meeting was just so diverse and interesting. They are not on the pictures, but Catherine had some beautiful work with her, including four stunning pieces using vintage kimono fabrics in a wonderfully different way, and Ineke had some gorgeous hangings featuring Red Kites. I just can't wait myself to see them all hanging together. Will you be able to come to the Meet the Artist day? - I know it is not always easy for you as work gets in the way, but it should be a good day.
    Oh Annabel - lets face it - an ordinary rich tea is a rather sad sort of a thing/snack, I simply can't imagine a low fat version ... is it just dust left? The much mentioned brownies were a bad miss for you, but I think we must pressure Edwina to spill the recipe. And as for Inekes barn - you will have to join the queue of bods wanting to move in there with them - all of us for starters! - Hilary x

  4. Indeed, very sad Hilary. Compressed dust, not dissimilar to concrete. They don't dunk which is a great crime against biscuits. I opened them and thought, mmmmm shall I eat the biscuits? Or shall I just gnaw on the packet? I'm not sure which option won.