Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Look what DD bought me back from Hong Kong!

Look at this delightful little teapot which my youngest daughter bought back from Hong Kong for me! Isn't it wonderfully inspiring for the Oriental theme?


  1. Oh Annabel - what a gorgeous, gorgeous thing! How lucky are you? I can't wait to see that appear in a quilt!

  2. Gorgeous, is it ceramic and silver? Do you know it's age? Very inspiring though, so nice to use something you own in your work.

  3. Thank you! It might well end up as something as the shape is very satisfying! The base is ceramic, and the metal embellishments look like silver, but could be something else as it's quite thin - about the same thickness as a tin plate toy. It's old but there's no marks or way that I can tell how old. It was bought in an antique shop along with a small wooden cage used to keep fighting Praying Mantis, which is now in the Rainbow Museum!!