Sunday, 30 December 2012

more birds

I too have been busy since Christmas been and gone, have two more quilts pieced and one is almost ready to bind. We had no electricity at all yesterday and there was just enough light in the studio to do some handquilting. I found some hessian and dyed this in dark red and charcoal, it gives a gorgeous intense colour and a texture that teams up perfectly with the vintage linen.

This one is hanging on the wall, ready for wadding, backing and quilting. I've used the fabrics created for the first few pieces and have overpainted some in stripes, using masking tape as resist.  Also discharge printed some black and beige fabrics with the chinese signs. I think a difference in scale is called for with the printing, so back to the chinese calligraphy!
Wishing everyone a very happy and creative 2013 xx.


  1. Hi Ineke, the new work is looking great! I'm amazed you managed to work at all with no power, it was so dark and miserable yesterday. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Right, 3rd time lucky! (I tried to comment yesterday using the new iPad but I couldn't get the comment posted for some reason) I think the colour of the dyed hessian is fabulous - spot on, and I love the discharged text - perfect! Happy New Year to you too Ineke, and hope the lights work today.

  3. Looks gorgeous Ineke, hope your power is back for when the sun goes down later!

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