Saturday, 29 December 2012

Life 6 begins - Still Life

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, if applicable, and are ready to start 2013 at a running pace!

Life 5 is coming on well and will be finished very soon.

I've added some bits this morning which has helped me resolve an area around the focal point.  It's a book on Tea History (yep, I have one or two!) and a pair of booties. It all looks a little flat at the moment because it's not stitched and painted.

I'm really hoping that my machine will make it through all the layers of cloth and all those coats of acrylic paint. Fingers crossed!

I've been doing a little preliminary sketching for Life 6 - Still Life.  It is going to be a still life of chinese pots on a table with a patchwork cloth, and of course a life model.  I'm trying to get the drawings of her etc to look serene and content.  I've spent a couple of hours on the shape of the body, and have been trying to work out hands.  I'm not quite there yet as you can see, but it's a start.

The shadows are interesting, as the light has two sources; from above and from the right. I will have to decide if this is confusing and whether or not I should change it.


  1. That looks like Steph to me! Is that Steph??

    Your drawing skills are amazing.

    So looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2013.


  2. Well yes, H, it is. She kindly offered as I was short of a model and she had done some modelling as a part time job during her student days. I'm so very grateful!! If anyone else out there fancies being an artist model and being cast into stitch and paint, please just say. I always need models. A xx

  3. Lovely to see the preliminary sketches for the next quilt Annabel. The pencil drawn hands have a great graphic quality. Can't wait to see how the composition takes shape.

  4. Wonderful drawings. I particularly like the hands

  5. Thanks Dotty, I took longer on the hands. I get into a sort of groove and can't let go. I had to stop to cook some dinner I think or they might have been more resolved! I don't know, life stopping play, whatever next?!!

  6. I know hands are soooo difficult to draw. Awesome!!