Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Progress - Annabel

Well, if Laura can get back into gear so shortly after having her lovely baby Amelie, then I, who am only a new granny, ought to be ashamed!! So I've decided it's time for an update too.

nb. On the left is one of the reasons why progress on Life 5 has been a bit slow (Evelyn Elizabeth Rainbow-Deventer born 13th October) Another reason is a poorly mum, and another reason is a poorly finger! (I bought myself one of those uber sharp Japanese carbon bladed kitchen knives, but it was wrapped in one of those plastic bubbles that I can never seem to open, and in my frustration I took a slice from my finger.  Good job I'm not a samurai - the world would be sans legs and arms by now!

I think I left you at this stage before any the stitching had begun.

It turned out that there was a lot more stitching to do on this that I originally thought - mostly because it's quite large.

I love large.

So here we are again but with the stitching completed and the beginnings of the zen garden put into the window space. I've tried to do little things with the stitching, like alter the sizes of my stitches as they recede into the background.

Below, the stitching on the tabletop is complete and I have begun to apply the first coat or two of paint....just to show where the light is coming from. If you look at this one immediately after the one above, you can easily see the effect of the paints and why I like to use them in my work.  They are ordinary acrylics - no mediums or gels - but many coats!

 Below: the roof top has begun to be painted too.  I'm going for a splash of light in the centre and am introducing some interest by using yellow ochre and quinacridone burnt orange for the lights, and burnt umber for the darks and maybe the shadows of the trees. I haven't finished of course, there's much to do!!


  1. Just now it looks like a C. Coles Phillips illustration one of his fadeaway girls, I just love it.

  2. Annabel this is looking brilliant - the cloth is so convincing. I reckon this might be your best yet.

  3. This is so lovely - and subtle! If you had not mentioned the painting I might not have noticed.

  4. Hello Karen, Thanks for the link; I followed it and was very flattered! Laura: Again with the thanks!! There's plenty of time left yet to much it up :) LTW I love seeing before and after photos. Not sure it's that subtle in real life, but thank you x

  5. You are so flippin clever Annabel - this looks wonderful ... and that is when I know looking good is not your main aim with these peices ... big respect innit. I absolutely love those trees in the zen garden ... am off to do some clipping! - Hilary x

  6. Thank you OB :) Yep, there might be a whole topiary quilt in there somewhere!! Little wibbly wobbly trees dotted amongst moss covered stones and gravel. I've been painting the gravel bit on the quilt this afternoon, but have abandoned ship as the sky has gone so dark and threatening and there's not enough natural light to see properly. I think a storm is brewing. If you go out in the garden to do some clipping this afternoon, anchor yourself to the shed or something! Don't make the rope too long or you'll be up in the clouds in no time.

  7. I did a double take at the third photo of the table, I thought I was looking at a photograph not a painted quilt. Fabulous work! The building looks wonderful too with just the right amount of light and shade on the wall. You can tell you have done a lot of observing.

  8. Blogger's not playing this morning! I've tried to post a reply a couple of times and lost the comment, rats.

    Thank you Julie! Putting in that line of light across the table top has given the cloth perspective and the eye can better understand what's going on. Yesterday, I worked on the shed and gravel again and made some progress, but I will move across now to the body and do some work on that today if I can. I will go back to everything again and again adding a little each time until magically it says to me that it's finished!