Friday, 16 November 2012

Have you missed me?

Hi everyone! It is such a long time since I've blogged, well a long time since I did anything creative actually! This treasure is the reason why...

It's not that I've not had all the best intentions, but just not the energy. Turns out babies aren't like cats at all. Amelie's nearly 10 weeks old now and I feel like I'm just about getting a grip. Not to tempt fate you understand, but I'm now adjusted to the criminal levels of sleep deprivation and don't feel like so much of a zombie.

When she's awake I can't tear myself away, but nap times are all of a sudden become a frenzy of activity for me. I have to decide though whether to do washing, tidying or something a lot more interesting!

I feel like it's time to pick things back up and so this week I dug out these pieces from a pile and pinned them up on my wall. I started them for Orientation back in the summer, but with Amelie's early arrival they were never completed.

I'd fallen out of love with them, but after pinning them up and standing back I quite like them again. They're digital photos that I've tweaked into black and white and printed to cotton poplin.

They're two photos from a set of images of me folding an origami crane. There's a story about folding a 1000 cranes and then being granted eternal life, so just 999 to go then.

I started free motion quilting them using lots of different greys to maintain the correct tonal values in the shading. Now I look at them they're too black and white and so I'm going to introduce colour with the quilting in the background. I'll have to audition some options, but I'm thinking red as that's such a strong colour in Eastern cultures.

Hopefully Amelie will enjoy listening to the hum of my sewing machine!

Bye for now,


  1. Hi there Laura, welcome 'back'. Good to see you finding a spot of time for creativity, although you could say they creating Amelie was pretty creative.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your crane piece.

  2. Laura - these are utterly beautiful - back with a bang! Amelie is also pretty wonderful too ... well done you (and Jamie) xx

  3. Amelie is definitely a treasure! When she sleeps, go for the creative option-my children all loved to sleep through the hum of the washing machine, hairdryer, sewing machine.... good to get them used to it early on!

  4. Welcome back from me too Laura. I've been enjoying hearing Amelie gurgling in the background of the DMTV kantha videos :-)