Monday, 28 November 2011

Something about myself....

I realise that I've not introduced myself at all really so I'll try and write something.

After working as a draughtswoman before having my family, pattern cutting and dressmaking became my big thing, then I spent time learning as much as I could about embroidery, then came patchwork, I found my passion and have spent many happy years indulging in making quilts.

Another passion is my computer, I love digital design and I'm sure this will appear in my work for Orientation, so too will my new love, making needle sculptured figures. I have been making them for about four years but still consider myself a novice with lots to learn.

Above is a photo of my latest figure.....


  1. Maybe those of us who know each other well should write the personal introductions! Marie is too modest but I have known her for more years than either of us cares to remember and she has excelled in every area she has involved herself in. She has qualifications and vast experience in Fashion, Embroidery and Quiltmaking. Her knowledge of digital design is unrivalled and her figures are mindblowing. I hesitate to call them dolls as they are so much more than that. There's no compromise in technique and every detail is thoughtful and exquisite. Marie is a fantastic asset to the group and the lovely thing is she doesn't know it!

  2. I'm so looking forward to meeting you Marie. I love the expressions on your dolls - you manage to turn them into portraits which is wonderful; I just don't know how you do it x

  3. Hi, What is the name of the software you use for digital design please. Robin

  4. Hi Robin, I know Marie is away for a couple of days so I'll chip in on this one. I hope I'm correct is saying that she mostly uses Paint Shop Pro for her digital artwork. I'm sure she'll let you know otherwise if I'm wrong! - Laura

  5. Hi Robin,
    Laura is right, the software I use is Paint Shop Pro X2, this is not the very latest but a great version, should you wish to buy it you will find that the latest version is mostly on sale at full price but the earlier ones are very reasonable at well under £100.
    It is a very friendly and easy to use piece of software.
    The only problem is that if you are a Mac user they haven't made a compatible version and you need Photoshop Elements.