Thursday, 12 September 2013

That's all folks

Well, for now at least.

The Orientation tour is over and the work's all back at home. A big thank you to Minerva for being such excellent hosts for the final outing of this exhibition and to everyone who came to see the quilts. Linda sold two pieces which is wonderful news.

As individuals SiX members each have lots in store for the coming year, but we are planning another outing as a group so we'll be back with details on that as soon as they're confirmed. In the meantime I hope you'll enjoy keeping up with us all on our own blogs. You'll find links to them in the side bar.

And just in case you don't already know about them, I'm going to give two ventures a bit of a plug:

Art Textiles: Made in Britain
Set up by our very own Hilary Beattie, this is an exciting group of British quilters and textile artists who'll be exhibiting together in support of the Quilter's Guild of the British Isles and especially to assist with funds for the Quilt Museum in York. You can follow the goings on at their Facebook page. Although quite new it looks already like a really lively group.

Through Our Hands
This one's all down to me and Annabel. Through Our Hands provides exhibition opportunities and a portfolio website for our featured artists. There's also a free e-portfolio catalogue that you can download, a Facebook page and an online magazine where you'll find news and information about all sorts of art and textile related things. All in all, lots to see. Here are some links:

The website

The Facebook page

The magazine

The free e-catalogue


  1. Congratulations Linda - it is always such a brilliant feeling when someone wants to buy your hard work! Seems sad with Orientation over .. it was such a lovely theme and I shall certainly be adding to both the pots and the moons series. I'll add my plug to Lauras (thank you Laura) both Through our Hands and Art Textiles: Made in Britain are trying to maintain and increase the profile of Art Quilting - and have lots of lovely images on their sites too!
    Looking forward to our next outing - HIlary x

  2. i love hailary beattir work i find it amazing

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