Sunday, 17 March 2013

Teeny tiny things

I might be losing the plot.

I thought I'd do some teeny tiny 1" pen and ink sketches based on an oriental theme, but its not going well!  Unfortunately, the drawing part of the brain is incredibly dusty from insufficient use, and its got all lumpy from being hurled against my skull with violence each time I sneeze. (I'm infested with manky cold germs) This loosens the dust and makes me sneeze again....more lumps.What can I do?

I actually need a much finer pen, and I need to THROW OUT (are you listening, Annabel?) all those pens which aren't water resistant and dissolve when you put paint on them....or in my case, sneeze on them.  Eeeeeeeyewwww.  (nb those wishing to purchase, please form an orderly queue!)

Oh well, back to the drawing board. It's around here somewhere.


  1. Good Luck! and I hope you stop sneezing soon.

  2. I like that very much actually ... snot or no snot x

    1. Cheers m'dear! :) (she says sat at the computer with tissues shoved up her snoz...a bit like Baldrick!)

  3. I've always thought there might be a market for nasal tampons! Do hope you feel better soon.

  4. Thank you Jill! It's a look. Guarantees you a train carriage to yourself or a swift clearance through the checkouts at Waitrose.