Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Some quilting

Hi everyone,

The deadline for Orientation's outing at the Bramble Patch is beginning to loom large isn't it? Feeling a bit under pressure I've been making efforts to get some quilting tackled. Once upon a time this would have been done and dusted in a few solid hours, but those days are gone! I decided that I needed to add some colour to these digital prints so I've gone in with some red thread to stitch the sashiko inspired background pattern. I think I'll use a similar pattern for areas on the Boro quilt too, but that's way down the list at the moment.

I'm liking this work much more now there's some stitching added. At the moment there's a pair of quilts that'll hang together, but I hoped there might be six in total. We'll see! I'm making no promises.

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