Sunday, 21 October 2012

Last Day at Forge Mill Needle Museum

Today is the last day of our Orientation exhibition at The Needle Museum in Redditch. Many thanks to Jo Gloger and all the rest of the museum staff for their work on our behalf. It's always a pleasure to exhibit in such a wonderful building! I'd also like to thank our 'Friends' for joining us and making this all possible. Injecting some new blood into SiX certainly invigorated the mix of styles and approaches to the theme.

Of course the biggest thank you goes to everyone who visited and enjoyed the work on show. I haven't seen the visitors' book yet but I'm told we've had some lovely comments.

Much of the work will now travel on to The Bramble Patch in Weedon, Northamptonshire to be exhibited there early next year. From there it will move on to Llanidloes, home of the Quilt Association for much of the summer. These are both much larger spaces and so new work will be added to the existing exhibit. We hope many of you will feel a second trip is worthwhile!

I've been wondering what to work on next and I've had a bit of a lightbulb moment. I've had an Edwardian folding screen in the loft for a very long time. In fact it's moved house several times and seen the inside of several different lofts! It's covered in a very dull brown fabric but I think it may be time for it to see the light of day again and be refurbished in glorious Oriental fashion. I am thinking there might be cranes and orchids and definitely some gold leaf laid over a deep red ground. Right now these are just a few random thoughts in my head but if you read the previous post you will have seen that Annabel is already working on her 'Shall I be Mother' quilt for our next venue. It's looking fabulous already and prompts me to stop prevaricating and just get on with it!

I am so pleased to know that our new friends are happy to stick with SiX - the best is yet to come!!

Bye for now, Linda